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Industrial Heritage by Bike route

The Industrial Heritage by Bike route offers 700 kilometres of cycling fun. Fully signposted and mainly off the beaten track, this cycle route leads past former industrial sites and explores the history of the Ruhr region. Whether you are going on a family day out or for a weekend cycling trip, the Industrial Heritage by Bike route is one of the key routes in radrevier.ruhr.

Freight trains used to transport commodities and finished products between the industrial sites in the Ruhr Valley along this route. Today, the railway lines have been converted into fully-developed cycle paths, which visitors use to get from one impressive industrial monument to another. Without any great climbs or traffic, the former railway lines are ideal for an eventful cycling tour. Several other routes can also take you on an exciting journey through time. Travel from antiquity to recent history, or to primeval times. The best known of these routes, the Industrial Heritage Route, will take you back to the birth of the mining industry around 150 years ago.

Large sections of the cycling route network lead along shore paths and through wooded areas, as well as along traffic-free roads and former railway lines.Converted to pleasant cycle paths, the latter wind their way over bridges and viaducts, and through untouched countryside and lively urban areas. Just like train passengers – but travelling even more slowly – you can enjoy picturesque snapshots of the valleys and villages, and get a typically unadorned glimpse of the back gardens and yards of the cities.

Overview of the Industrial Heritage by Bike route

Information on the Industrial Heritage by Bike route

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All details of the Industrial Heritage by Bike route can be found at www.route-industriekultur.ruhr/route-per-rad

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