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Das Foto zeigt die Römer-Lippe-Route in Haltern am See.


If you like visiting North Rhine-Westphalia for cycling holidays, you will feel right at home on the new Roman Lippe long-distance route. The route replaces the former Roman Route, and leads experienced cyclists from Detmold to Xanten, with some new sections and de-tours. Write another page in the history of the river! The Roman Lippe Route begins at the Hermann Monument in Detmold, and then follows the river Lippe from its source to where it meets the Rhine, connects the destination in Xanten with exciting Roman sites, pleasant green meadows, and historic and charming city centres.

Whether you are cycling along the main route (295 km) or one of the 184 km long themed routes: Learn about the history of the river! The Lippe is the longest river in North Rhine Westphalia. Its colourful past is intriguing, and the river invites you on a voyage through history. It has always durably characterised the area and influenced the lives of those living along its shores. The Romans recognised the importance of the river.

On its pleasant route, the Lippe connects five areas in one of Germany’s most diverse Federal States – the Teutoburg Forest, Sauerland, Münsterland, the Ruhr Metropolis, and the Lower Rhine region. The Lippe is a river which is truly worth exploring, and the Roman Lippe Route is a top-quality riverside cycling route! This route is a must for cyclists, nature lovers and all visitors who are passionate about Roman culture, water and European history.

Overview of the Roman Lippe Route

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