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Das Foto zeigt zwei Radfahrer auf dem RuhrtalRadweg auf Höhe der Ruhrkaskaden in Hattingen

Regional themed cycling routes in radrevier.ruhr

The radrevier.ruhr cycling district is mainly based around the three large regional themed routes – Industriekultur per Rad (Industrial Heritage by Bike), the RuhrtalRadweg (Ruhr Valley Cycle Path), and the Römer-Lippe-Route (Roman Lippe Route). The 700-kilometer cycle path of the Industrial Heritage route is in the central Ruhr Valley, and the popular Ruhr Valley Cycle Path runs along the southern border, while the Roman Lippe Route runs through the northern Ruhr Valley.

In addition to these three main themed routes, the Emscher-Weg Route and the Rhine Cycling Route play an important role in the regional cycling routes network. With a view to the future, the Radschnellweg Ruhr (Ruhr Bike Freeway – RS1) will also be a key part of the regional route network. The first stretch between Mülheim an der Ruhr and Essen is already open, and shows what the future of cycling mobility may look like. 

The radrevier.ruhr premium trails

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Route of Industrial Heritage by bike

25 key industrial heritage sites, many other exciting industrial monuments, 17 panoramas of the industrial landscape and 13 important workers' housing estates tell the unique story of the Ruhr Valley. There is no better way to experience this story than by bike.

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Ruhr Valley Cycle Path

The cycling highlight of North Rhine-Westphalia! Stretching across 240 kilometres, the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path meanders from Winterberg in the Sauerland region, to the Ruhr Metropolis, and to the Rhine in Duisburg. No other cycling route in Germany combines such a wide range of relaxing nature, old industrial monuments, and modern high culture in such a small space.

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Opened in 2013, the Roman Lippe Route between Detmold and Xanten is still a newcomer among the long-distance cycling routes for tourists. Thanks to the region’s Roman history and the longest river in North Rhine-Westphalia, the 295 kilometre Roman Lippe Route combines Roman culture with a thrilling aquatic experience.

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