[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt den Einstieg auf die HOAG-Trasse in Oberhausen.

The HOAG Trail

At around 12 kilometres long, the HOAG Trail – a former railway line owned by Hüttenwerke Oberhausen AG – leads from Oberhausen to Duisburg, and connects Oberhausen with the Walsum area of Duisburg. Freight trains used to transport coal from Sterkrade Colliery in Oberhausen to the Rhine Harbour in Duisburg-Walsum along this route. Today, relaxed groups of cyclists may their way along the former railway lines, away from the traffic.The cycling route was opened by Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association) in 2007, and is now a key part of radrevier.ruhr in the western Ruhr region. Many bridges have been renovated, so that cyclists can enjoy a tour which has the lowest possible number of intersections.

Detour via the “Grüne Pfad” (Green Path)

By taking a detour along the Green Path, cyclists follow a former railway line to reach the popular industrial monument in the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park. From here, cyclists continue along the Rhine. Duisburg-Walsum is a few kilometres downstream, resulting in a beautiful circular route.