[Translate to English:] Das Bild zeigt den Niederfeldsee in Essen.

The Rheinische Bahn (the Rhine Line)

The Rheinische Bahn – one of the best-known railway routes – stretches through the western Ruhr region, between Essen and Duisburg. As a central arterial road parallel to the A 40 motorway, the Rheinische Bahn is also a cornerstone of the Radschnellweg Ruhr (Bike Freeway – RS 1) in the western part of the Ruhr region.The 21 kilometre Rheinische Bahn Route will lead from the edge of the university district in Essen, through Mülheim an der Ruhr, and to the Rheinpark in Duisburg. The first construction phases in Essen and Müllheim have already been completed. Thanks to several bridge structures, a virtually intersection-free cycling tour should be possible.

Start in the university quarter in the centre of Essen

From the University of Essen, the Rheinische Bahn Route initially leads cyclists to the new Thyssenkrupp Quarter and the Krupp Park. At the newly designed Niederfeldsee lake, the aquatic route branches off to the north. An old railway signal is a reminder of the cycling path’s original purpose as an important freight line. In Frohnhausen, a branch leads on to the Grugatrasse, which brings cyclists back to Essen.

RS1 – Ruhr Bike Freeway

Further west, the path joins the region’s new flagship cycling route. The first part of the planned Ruhr Bike Freeway between Hamm and Duisburg has been completed here. It allows cyclists to reach the centre of Mülheim quickly, and without intersections. In the future, the Rheinische Bahn will lead (as part of the Ruhr Bike Freeway) to the Rheinpark in Duisburg, and therefore connect another large city to the Bike Freeway.