Mountain biking
Mountain biking

Mountain biking in the Ruhr region

Indeed, there are better-known, larger and more extreme mountain biking regions in Germany than the Ruhr region. But that’s not to say that doesn’t have outstanding mountain Cycle Paths. With the Hoheward and Hoppenbruch mine dumps, the Ruhr region offers two true hotspots with surprisingly challenging trails.

Cross-country round trail via the Hoheward mine dump

The modern classic for mountain bikers in! The circular route via the Hoheward mine dump stretches across more than six kilometres, and offers pure cycling fun and unexpected altitude at the heart of the Ruhr region. The one-way street has been designed by specialists so that bikers will only occasionally cross the normal hiking routes. Signposting helps orientation and informs pedestrians that this route is intended for cyclists only.The summit panorama from the Haldenplateau makes up for the beads of sweat which form during the short but – at times – demanding uphill ride. You can have lots of cycling fun on the many curves of the short or long downhill pass.

Circular endurance trail on the Hoppenbruch mine dump

The 4.4 kilometre circular endurance trail on the adjacent Hoppenbruch mine dump is significantly more intense. Just like on the skiing pistes in the Alps, the routes are colour coded – red, blue and black. Long jumps, steep riparian area: tackling the Hoppenburch mine dump requires a good cycling technique and a great deal of courage.

Important information at a glance

All information on mountain biking on the Hoheward and Hoppenbruch mine dumps can be found on the website of the Hoheward Landscape Park

All information on guided mountain biking tours can be found on the websites of Mountainbike Ruhrgebiet and Berg Rad Touren